People on board: the MINYA team

Can you see the old man in the back row (3rd from right), to the left of Captain Mohammed (centre, back row)? That is Abd El-Fatah, Captain Mohammed’s former sailing teacher. Now he accompanies the MINYA on its travels as a guiding and enriching presence, taking over if the captain has to leave the helm…


Slowing down on the Nile

The Nile flows along, lazy and powerful, as it has done for thousands of years. Past date palms and fertile fields, past ox teams and colourful villages. Time is relative, is a meaningless concept, minutes or hours don’t matter.

Celebrating Christmas on the Nile

Christmas is just around the corner, and in the West it’s impossible to miss, with colourful decorations virtually everywhere – in every town, city and village and on every house. But what happens in Egypt? Is Christmas celebrated by the people there? What about New Year? And what happens on these holidays on board our…


Gratitude and Abundance

One more article by Michelle Leske, hosting the Goddess Tour on our dahabiya ABUNDANCE: Hello Beautiful Souls I hope you are well and feeling positive and happy. It is nearly Spring in South Africa, where I live and there is a promise of new beginnings. The new leaves are starting to sprout, it is a…


Hajj Paintings

If you have ever strolled through an Upper Egyptian village, you will have seen them, the Hajj paitings on the walls of family houses. What`s the story? The pilgrimage to Mecca is one of the five pillars of Islam. The Hajj is a duty set forth in the Koran. Every healthy adult Muslim (men and…


Goddess Tour to Egypt

Goddess Tours are healing tours, with the intention of opening your Heart to give and receive more Love. We move into a space of Divine Love, or Heaven on Earth. Goddess Tours are unique in that we have special permission for Private Visits, to the Sphinx, the Pyramid and Isis Temple.