Goddess Tour to Egypt

Goddess Tours are healing tours, with the intention of opening your Heart to give and receive more Love. We move into a space of Divine Love, or Heaven on Earth. Goddess Tours are unique in that we have special permission for Private Visits, to the Sphinx, the Pyramid and Isis Temple.

Ramadan in Egypt 2020 - Sail the Nile Dahabiya ABUNDANCE

Ready for Ramadan 2020

by Iris C. Meijer At Sail The Nile, we love offering our discerning guests unforgettable Nile cruises through Upper Egypt on our luxurious Dahabeya ABUNDANCE – or on our felucca A NEW LIFE for our more intrepid travellers: slow travel, off the beaten path, comfort, your own pace, delicious fresh food, amazing sights and fabulous…

Art on the River

On our Dahabeeya Abundance, we like to immerse our guests in beauty and style as they enjoy the luxury only a voyage on a dahabeeya can give. One of the ways we love to do this is by displaying original artworks in our salon – we call it “Art on the River”. As a kind…

Captain Mohamed Sails the Nile

As we leave the shaded medieval alleys and magnificent Temple of Khnum in Esna behind us, Captain Mohamed unfurls the splendid sails of the Dahabeeya Abundance. Dahabeeyas need to be pulled by a strong tugboat when there is no wind. Captain Mohamed though is a traditionalist and a passionate sailor. He loves nothing better than…

Esna – Step Back Into Time

After our first taste of the dreamy luxury of sailing on the Nile from Luxor on the beautiful Dahabeeyah Abundance, we pass through the powerful locks that regulate the strong flow of our eternal River Nile at Esna. There, we disembark for our first stop on our magical journey up the Nile.

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Simplicity is the new luxury

Gone are the days of posh and garish exaggerations, of bigger, better, faster. The luxury we offer to our guests is authenticity, simplicity, time for reflection. Sailing on a dahabiya, a traditional Egyptian Nile sailing ship, is the ideal vessel to travel slowly and experience peace and tranquility.