We sail the Nile!

Come sail with us!

Get the feeling of sailing down the longest river in the world, where the Egyptian pharaohs lived and built their temples.
There is not a cloud to be seen in the clear blue sky. The shores are lined with mango trees and date palms. The mountains of Thebes rise in the west behind a narrow fertile strip of soil along the shore.
When the temperatures rise to 40° in the summer, the river is an inviting place for a refreshing bath.

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Come sailing on the Nile with us!

Sailing the Nile

Find out more about the dahabiyas & feluccas: life on the ship, the crew and the environment.

The ships of our Fleet on the Nile

Dahabiya, Felucca & motor ship – find out about our ships you can sail the Nile with us.

Our Programme

On our sailing boats we offer different trips on the Nile as well as excursions to shore to the most beautiful places in Egypt. Find out more about our programme hier!