Simplicity is the new luxury

Gone are the days of posh and garish exaggerations, of bigger, better, faster. The luxury we offer to our guests is authenticity, simplicity, time for reflection. Sailing on a dahabiya, a traditional Egyptian Nile sailing ship, is the ideal vessel to travel slowly and experience peace and tranquility.


Summer in Luxor

The summer months in Luxor are very quiet. The mercury goes up to 40°C or more and not many visitors find their way to Luxor. The expats who live her travel to their home countries or other places where the temperatures are easier to take.

Meeting Upper Egypt Face to Face

A travel experience by musician and songwriter Laurie Dameron I ended my “Green News” article on Cairo, Part One, sharing about how something healed in me while I was in Egypt. I still struggle to find the words to convey this. To be honest, part of it is that before experiencing a country like Egypt,…