El-Minia – Hollywood at the Nile - Sail the Nile

El-Minia – Hollywood at the Nile

El Minya is probably the most irresistible and charming town in all of Central Egypt. It’s full of people ready to welcome visitors with openness, friendliness and curiosity – no prejudice or ulterior motives here! El Minya is home to one of Egypt’s most beautiful riverbank promenades, the perfect place for a stroll. But it’s also an El Dorado for archaeologists and archaeology fans, just a short distance from some of Egypt’s most stunning highlights – like the tombs of the nomarchs (provincial governors) at Beni Hassan, the city of the heretic King Akhenaten at Amarna, the fascinating necropolis and many thousands of animal mummies at Tuna el-Gebel, and the domed tombs at Zawyet el-Meitin. There’s something to capture every interest.
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