5 days on our felucca A NEW LIFE

Take a sailing cruise on our felucca and motor launch from Edfu to Aswan.


Luxury takes second place to the natural world all around us and its wealth of sounds and scents, with nights spent under the starry sky.

A felucca is a traditional small lateen-rigged sailing ship, about 12m long and 4m wide. Our felucca has a keel, which allows it to tack across the current. You will spend your days on board on our comfortable deck cushions, watching the riverbank scenery glide past. We moor at small islands to allow you to swim or go for a stroll. We take you on walks through villages and plantations and along the fringes of the desert. The children in the villages are always particularly delighted to see guests. If you wish to bring them small gifts, pens or crayons are suitable. Instead of walking, you can also travel by donkey.

Enjoy some impressions of a felucca Nile cruise and listen to what our guest has to share about his experience in this video: “Felucca Nile Cruise”

Prices are available on request.

Felucca Nile Cruise


Accompanied by a support boat, we travel from Edfu to Aswan.

We will be happy to stop at any of the sights along our route. Our tour guide is a knowledgeable and experienced Egyptologist and will accompany us for an additional fee, or guides at the individual temples will explain the special features of the sites for a tip.

You will spend the nights on comfortable mattresses on the felucca or the companion ship, in a curtained berth for privacy. Or you can sleep under the stars on the roof of the companion ship.

Hygiene: The River Nile is your bath – or we are happy to set up a shower cabin on shore for you.

  • Romantic journey on the Nile
  • Breathtaking views
  • Visit all the sights en route you want to see
  • Dreamlike sunrises & sunsets



We will start your adventure by taking you to Edfu where you will embark on the felucca A NEW LIFE. Then, we’ll start the adventure in Edfu, where you can visit the Temple of Horus, the best preserved temple in Egypt. After that we set sail and start your magical journey. You can enjoy the breathtaking views of the Nile. For the night we moor at a peaceful island.

Wadi Shatt

At Wadi Shatt, we invite you to walk through plantations, villages and along the edge of the desert. The felucca will moor at Gebel el Silsila.

Gebel El Silsila

Gebel el Silsila is a quarry where the stone needed for the major buildings of the age of the Pharaohs was hewn from the rock. You will also find “chapels” carved into the rock faces.

Kom Ombo

In Kom Ombo we visit the fascinating temple of the gods Sobek and Haroeris and marvel at the collection of mummified crocodiles.


Darau is home to the famous camel market, a unique experience for visitors where you can observe camel dealers bargaining over prices. Afterwards we stroll through the lively, bustling streets of Darau, drinking in the colourful wealth of produce on display. We take a seat at a coffee shop to watch the world go by.


After a leisurely breakfast, you disembark in Aswan. We take you to your hotel or to the airport or train station. Have a good journey and all the best!

Camels on market in Daraw - Dahabiya Nile River Cruise
Felucca Nile Cruise
Nile River Cruise Komombo
Boats on the Nile, Sunset - Nile Cruise Dahabiya


We invite you to watch this video about a sailing adventure on the felucca:
Nile Cruise on our Felucca - Dahabiya - Sailing the Nile


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