• Our dahabiya MINYA accommodates 14 guests in six double cabins and one suite, all air-conditioned.
  • Enjoy the feeling of travelling in small groups in a romantic and intimate ambience.
  • All the beautiful temples can be visited at the right time of day.
  • A dahabiya can moor in places where a cruise ship cannot, such as islands and villages along the bank. Our guests can take a walk through the village and observe the bustling village life.
  • Mealtimes depend on your sightseeing programme.
    Lunch consists of vegetarian dishes; for dinner, our chef will prepare beef, chicken or fish dishes depending on availability.
    The captain shops every day and brings fresh fruit and vegetables from the market.
    For guests with specific dietary requests – e.g. vegetarian or vegan – we naturally serve an extensive choice of delicious dishes.


Floorplan MINYA
  • traditional sailing ship: no engine, generator.
    45m long, 8m wide.
  • tugboat on a 40m rope.
  • 4 cabins à 15m2
    twin beds, 1.20m wide, 2 windows;
    bathroom with shower, 1 window.
  • 2 cabins à 15m2
    double beds, 1.80m wide, 2 windows;
    bathroom with shower, 1 window.
  • 1 suite à 40m2
    kingsize bed 2x2m, 6 windows,
    glass doors across the width,
    refrigerator, kettle, hair dryer.
    bathroom with shower, 1 window.
  • shaded sun deck 280m2
  • WiFi in all areas
  • A/C in all cabins, suite and salon
  • all required life jackets and fire extinguishers
  • we use only locally grown fresh food, prime quality,
    water filters
  • we create as little waste as possible;
    we separate rubbish and compost organic material
  • we include women in our supply chain