Sailing the Nile - Sail the Nile

Sailing the Nile

Sailing Through Egypt's History - on the Dahabiya ABUNDANCE

Glide down the Nile in comfort and tranquility in an elegant ship in traditional design, enjoy a landscape barely touched by time. Watch the spectacular sunsets sipping a drink on our private balcony. Lounge on deck and read or just relax. Enjoy delicious European and Egyptian cuisine accompanied by quality wines. En route we stop at temples and tombs of pharaonic times, all in peace and quiet, so you can feel the spirituality of the ancient monuments.
Some say life doesn't get much better!

Sailing Through Egypt's History - on the felucca A NEW LIFE

We invite you to come sailing with us on our felucca! Both crew and skipper were born on the west bank of the Nile in Luxor and offer their guests an enormously pleasant and relaxing tour on the Nile. We anchor along the route so you can visit the temples, we show you the best spots for swimming, stroll through the markets with you and explore plantations. We sail during the day, passing colorful villages and thousands of mango trees and date palms, in tune with our guests' wishes and preferences. Leave the stresses of everyday life behind and enjoy the laid-back life on board on the Nile. In the evenings we anchor at the shore ot one of the many islands. There is nothing more romantic than sleeping under a starry sky - or staying awake and listening to the sounds of the night.

The Environment

Preserving and protecting the natural beauty of the Nile valley is our special priority. We leave no garbage behind, and we ask our guests to follow our instructions. Bags are available for toilet paper and other articles of hygiene, which we dispose of. Cans are compacted, water bottles are collected. Organic waste is taken to the compost in our home port.

Catering and Accommodation

Our crew, all experienced sailors, look after you - the meals, comfortable mattresses so you can sleep soundly, big cushions to lean on. The delicious food is created by the cook on only two gas burners. Mineral water and non-alcoholic drinks can be purchased on board; beere can be obtained on request. Drinks are charged to a tab which is tallied at the end of the trip.