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Sailing Trips

Sail the Nile offers various sailing trips down the Nile to you: sail the Nile with us on a motor ship and/or a felucca, for a few hours or a few days.

Sailing on the Dahabiya from Luxor (Esna) to Aswan - 4 nights

4 nights

Day 1:
We collect you from your hotel
Travel to Esna
You board the ship on the Nile at Esna –
Visit to the temple of Chnum

Day 2:
Visit to the temple of Horus
On request: Walking tour through the Wadi Shatt (approx. 1.5 hours)

Day 3:
Gebel el Silsila
Visit to the temple
Kom Ombo
Visit to the temple

Day 4:
Visit to the camel market
Stroll through the souk

Day 5:
Aswan – disembark in the morning

Inclusive as far as Aswan
Breakfast, lunch and dinner, afternoon tea, tea, coffee and mineral water.
Travel to the sights by horse-drawn carriage or tuktuk
Entrance to the temples
Tour by an Egyptologist guide

Not included
Tips (recommended)
Alcoholic beverages

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From Luxor (Esna) to Aswan on the felucca A New Life or the motorship Jacqueline

A tour for adventurers, explorers and romantics. Luxury takes second place to the natural world all around us and its wealth of sounds and scents, with nights spent under the starry sky.

We travel on one of our motor ships and the felucca A New Life. If the wind is favorable we sail; otherwise the felucca is towed by the motor ship. You spend your days on the deck of the motor ship, where you are served delicious food created by our cook on only two gas burners. Mineral water and filtered water is used for cooking and washing dishes.

When we travel by both boats you can choose which you prefer to sleep on. On the motor ship you sleep in the stern or on the roof, on cushions which double as comfortable seating during the day. You have free run of the felucca. We span a fabric tent over the deck on request. You bathe in the Nile; for other needs we set up a portable toilet on land.

We moor exclusively at safe points.


1 day at Luxor on the Nile

We collect you from your hotel, take you aboard our felucca A New Life and sail upstream to Banana Island. Enjoy a walk through the plantation and taste deliciously sweet bananas freshly harvested from the plant.

On we go to the swimming spot at Al Laqalta. The Nile is so inviting – why not take a refreshing dip in the river before we serve you a delicious lunch? After lunch you can rest before the skipper takes you ashore to have tea with an Egyptian family and a stroll through the village.

In the late afternoon we return to the harbor, or you can stay and enjoy the magnificent natural spectacle of sunset behind the mountains.

Collection from your hotel
Tea and bananas on Banana Island

Not included
Alcoholic beverages

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Sunset Cruise on the felucca A New Life

Depending on the time of year, the sun sets at around 5 pm in the winter or around 6.30 pm in the summer. The splendor of this spectacular natural event will take your breath away! We collect you from your hotel or meet you at the harbor in Luxor. Tea and cakes are served on the romantically lit boat as we sail upstream, watching the sun set behind the mountains of ancient Thebes as it paints the sky in magical colors.

Collection from your hotel
Tea and Egyptian cakes

Not included
Alcoholic beverages

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Sailing trip

Enjoy a few hours on the Nile on our felucca A New Life or our motor ship Jacqueline. Even when temperatures soar to 40° in the summer, it is always pleasantly cool on the river. Come and sail with us for a couple of hours! You can swim in the Nile at the safe spots we show you.

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