Sightseeing in Egypt - 3 Perfect Days In Cairo - Sail the Nile

3 Perfect Days In Cairo

Nile cruises, boat trips, sightseeing: We organize individual tours for you and tailor them according to your wishes.
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Day 0: Arrival in Cairo and transfer to your hotel – choose your hotel (Mena House, Radisson Blu, Marriott Zamalek)

Day 1: The pyramids and the sphinx – enjoy the tour on a horsedrawn carriage
Dinner and folkloric show on a Nile cruise ship

Day 2: Old town, Khal el Khalili
lunch at Fishawy's
Al Azhar

Day 3: Egyptian Museum
or Coptic Cairo
- Roman fortress
- church
- synagogue
- mosque
- Coptic Museum


Cairo – Al Kahira – brings to mind visions of ancient temples, exotic markets and millennia of history. We will take you on a private tour with an egyptologist tour guide who speaks your language. You leave the hustle and bustle of the mega city with its horrendous traffic and noise from a million voices, horns, vendors, and enjoy the tour to the pyramids and the sphinx in a horse-drawn carriage or on camelback.

Explore Old Cairo and walk through the streets that Nagib Mafouz made famous in his Cairo Trilogy. Browse through Khal el Khalili, an ancient market with restaurants (Fishawy's) and coffee shops that are mentioned in literature. Visit the palaces and get an impression of the architecture and the life style of 100 years ago.

The Egyptian Museum with its wealth of displays should be on every traveller's list who is interested in Egyptology. You stroll through 6000 years of history and see the best known finds of Tutenchamon's tomb.

Take a whole day. If you let us know what interests you most, we will be happy to design a tour especially for you.

If you'd like to have another individual tour, we suggest to take you to Coptic Cairo. In a very small area, you can find a Roman fortress, the Hanging Church, the Ben Ezra Synagogue, a mosque and the Coptic Museum with its remarkable collection of sculpture fragments, writings and textiles.

If you like, follow us to Luxor, Aswan or to the Red Sea:
10 perfect days in Upper Egypt
3 perfect days in Luxor / 5 perfect days in Luxor
5 perfect days in Aswan
1 week "deceleration" in El Gouna at the Red Sea