FAQS - Questions before traveling Egypt - Sail the Nile


Do I need an entry visa for a tour to Egypt?
Yes, all foreigners entering Egypt must obtain visas from the Egyptian embassy in their own country or at the airport or port of arrival in Egypt. Getting a visa upon arrival is easy. The whole process takes a few minutes. The visa fee amounts to €23.00 or US$25.00 - status June 2018. Your passport should be valid at least 3 months from the date of your departure from Egypt. No photo is required.
What is the currency in Egypt and what currency is accepted by Nil-Segeln?
Egyptian pounds (LE) is the official currency. One pound consists of 100 piasters (pt). We accept Euros, US Dollars and British Pounds on board. ATMs can be found even in Luxor and Aswan.
Small money (change)
When you go shopping or take a taxi, you will need small change. Often traders or drivers don't have change for larger bills (100 LE, 200 LE). It is advisable to always have small bills (5 LE, 10 LE, 20 LE) and 1 LE coins (e.g. for tissues that you can buy from kids in the street or to give to beggars).

Many ATMs in Egypt only dispense 2000 EGP (= €95.00) in one process. However, you can repeat the process three times. If you enter a higher amount, you might receive a notice about "insufficient funds".

What weather can I expect in Upper Egypt?
Winters (November to February) can be quite chilly. Spring (March, April) are mild. Summers (May to October) are hot or very hot. In the winter, the daytime temperatures are between 10°C and 19°C; springtime weather is lovely between 25°C and 30°C. In the summer the temperature may go up to 45°C. On the river, it is always a little cooler.
Is it safe to swim in the Nile River?
It is not recommended to swim in the Nile or its canals because of the risk of exposure to bacterial and other infections. However, if you must swim in the Nile, ask the captain of your ship where you can swim. He will know the best and safest places. Do not swim from the riverbank.
Is there a social etiquette to keep in mind?
In Egypt, public displays of affection should be kept to a minimum. Caution should be taken regarding picture taking. Always ask if it is okay to take pictures of someone or something before doing so. Say: mumkin sura? - May I take a picture please? -
In museums signs will guide you.
Do not take pictures of military personnel, police or installations or official-looking places.
Is there a dress code for women in Upper Egypt?

It's best to dress conservatively so you don't attract unwanted attention.

  • Wear loose linen/cotton trousers or a skirt covering your knees and sleeved blouse.
  • Going out to dinner, especially in a nice restaurant, it is advisable to wear smart clothes and a shawl to cover bare shoulders.
  • On cruise ships, also, it is nice to have something smart to wear in the evening.
  • Comfortable, strong shoes are a must (sneakers/trainers or good leather shoes), and sandals.
Is there a dress code for men in Upper Egypt?
For men the dress code is quite simple. Long pants or bermudas and a shirt or a T shirt.
What do you recommend I bring on my journey to Upper Egypt?

The main things you need to bring include the following:

  • sun hat
  • sun screen
  • insect repellent
  • shoes for walking through water and bush walking shoes
  • camera
  • small flashlight
  • small backpack
  • clothes: suitable for the time of the year.
Who should I tip?
Restaurant staff, ship crews. With other service providers (taxi, horse-drawn carriage, tuktuk) you should agree on a price before the ride and that should include the tip.
How much should I tip?
Tips are a gifts that should be given for good service. I would recommend 10 % of the bill in restaurants, but make sure the service charge isn't already included. If it is, you might just round the bill up. 10 % of the total bill on ships (passage + consumption).
Is Upper Egypt a safe place for women travellers?
There are not many women travelling alone in Upper Egypt. But it is safe and it's good to be careful, like anywhere. Walk in streets where there are other people, avoid dark alleys.
Dress conservatively.
Don't accept rides, only use official taxis.
Do I have to worry about getting sick?

Here are some recommendations:

  • Don't drink tap water.
  • Try not to over-exert yourself.
  • Make sure you are well hydrated – but when you are hot, it’s best not to drink ice-cold beverages.
  • Be careful not to eat too much! It’s tempting to try all the foreign foods available – but overeating is also a cause of stress for your body.
  • It's best not to sit in an air-conditioned room after you come back to the ship after an excursion. Sit on the deck for a while and enjoy a cup of tea first.
Do I have to worry about hygiene?
No, not usually.
Wash your hands regularly, and dry them on tissues you carry.
Use damp tissues, i.e. baby wipes.The water on the ship passes through several filter stages, two for service water, three for water that we use for cooking. It is chlorinated. As drinking water we serve mineral water in sealed bottles.
Is there WiFi on the ship?
Yes, we offer our guests free WiFi.
How do you contribute to environmental protection on your Nile cruises?
Preserving and protecting the natural beauty of the Nile valley is our special priority. We leave no garbage behind. Bags for toilet paper and other articles of hygiene, which we dispose of, are available on board of our ships. Cans are compacted, water bottles are collected and organic waste from the kitchen is composted in our home port.