Simplicity is the new luxury - Sail the Nile

Simplicity is the new luxury

Gone are the days of posh and garish exaggerations, of bigger, better, faster.
The luxury we offer to our guests is authenticity, simplicity, time for reflection. Sailing on a dahabiya, a traditional Egyptian Nile sailing ship, is the ideal vessel to travel slowly and experience peace and tranquility.

Our dahabiya’s name is ABUNDANCE which we define as “plenty of what we need”, but not too much, nothing to waste.

Slow travel has become the new way to travel. Slow travel to us is a simple and comfortable way to travel, in harmony with the environment and benefiting the local communities.
On your slow travel vacation you want to relax and kick back, do nothing, read, enjoy what’s offered. You don’t want to race from one sight to the next, cross it off the list, been there, done that.
Or as Lady Lucie Gordon-Duff put it in “Letters from Egypt” in the mid 19th century: Enjoy the luxury of doing absolutely nothing.
A simple first step is to do less, not more – especially if you’re short of time.

Slow travel is a state of mind. Take the rush out of your vacation, avoid crowds, relax, enjoy.

Sailing the Nile on a dahabiya boat, you will experience the luxury of simplicity, being far away from the crowds on a boat that moors in places where large cruise ships cannot. A true dahabiya boat is not motorized, so there is no noise, only the sound of the wind in the sails and the laughter from children playing on the river bank.

Our dahabiya can accommodate 10 guests, so it is ideal to spend quality time with friends or your family.

Come and sail with us!

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