A day on the Dahabiya ABUNDANCE – Wadi el Kheir - Sail the Nile

A day on the Dahabiya ABUNDANCE – Wadi el Kheir

Never in my life had I thought that I would ever own a sailing ship like the dahabiya, not even in my dreams. I used to travel on ships when I lived in the South Pacific, but that wasn’t always pleasant, because sometimes I get seasick. A sailing ship on the Nile is a different story.

Then through a stroke of good fortune, Captain Mohammed and I were made an offer of a sailing ship that we could not refuse. Now we are proud owners of a traditional Nile river sailing ship: the dahabiya ABUNDANCE. We had to put a bit of work in it and are now very happy with it.

Dahabiya ABUNDANCE - luxury sail boat on the Nile.

Living on the dahabiya

Now, in the summer, when there is little business, I live on the dahabiya. Morning tea on deck where I can observe the fishing boats rowing through the morning mists – or afternoon coffee on the private balcony of the suite. The view of the east bank is interesting for I can watch the small sailboats and the motorships sail past. Fishermen row past and wish me a good day. The view of the west bank is pittoresque with the mountains of Thebes and the dramatic sunsets in the background.

Sail the Nile on our dahabiya ABUNDANCE
Relax while cruising the Nile on the dahabiya ABUNDANCE
Enjoy the amazing view over the Nile from our dahabiya ABUNDANCE.

Every day life on the dahabiya

If I want to go shopping, I either take the small ferry or a motorship across the river to the east bank and buy the things I cannot find in the village of Laqalta. For vegetables and useful household items, a man on a donkey carts comes pay and shouts out his wares. I quickly run across the gangway, up the riverbank and then must use all my negotiation skills to get a good price.

When it’s really hot, like right now, the generator runs all day so that the air-conditioning works. I spend these hot days in the suite and work, write, translate or read.

Life is good!

We would be happy to share the experience with you to sail down the Nile in tranquility. Come and sail with us! Some of our guests say that life cannot get much better!

Sail the Nile on our dahabiya

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